Work in progress

April 2018 – September 2018

Pilot testing activities were conducted in Portugal, Germany and Italy in order to test the online platform and the units and resources created.
Currently, the partners are incorporating the suggestions collected during that phase.
Multiplier events in Portugal, Italy, Germany, Lithuania and Belgium will follow, promoting the dissemination and sustainability of the project.

June 2017 – March 2018

At this stage of the project, all partners are working on the Intellectual Output 2 and building the module organised in nine training units.
The developing contents and resources will be available at the end of the project for free in an online platform, which is also being developed.

March 2017 – June 2017

Following the work done, the data collected through questionnaires, interviews and focus-groups was analysed.
Good practices were collected and a benchmarking was conducted about the courses available on Accessible Tourism in the partner countries.
From the research, valuable information was gathered, permitting to assess the contents to be included in the training module to present at the end of the project.
The Intellectual Output 1 was concluded with the elaboration of a report, in which the main conclusions and the preliminary structure of the training module to develop during the Intellectual Output 2 were synthetized.
Multiplier events are being held in Portugal, Italy and Germany with the objectives of showing the work that has been done so far and collecting stakeholders’ feedback.

October 2016- February 2017

The members of the partnership are at present working in Output 1.
Questionnaires have been produced to understand if people are aware of Accessible Tourism and what are the main obstacles that the professionals of the Tourism sector face when dealing with this target group.
The questionnaires are circulating among partners’ countries and the conclusions will be available by the 1st of March.
Interviews are also being done to key personalities in the training business, so that the partners collect valuable information to use in the project.
Four focus-groups are being promoted in four countries of the partnership to debate important matters concerning the Accessible Tourism.