The project Development of curricula on Accessible Tourism for VET Tourism Courses (TOUR4ALL) is founded by the ERASMUS+ Programme and aims at developing a module on Accessible Tourism for VET students, teachers, and Tourism professionals. Better trained human resources will provide better services and the tourism sector and society will benefit from it. At the end of the project, the survey and the module will be freely available in an online platform.

At the end of the project we expect to deliver:

• a training module on Accessible Tourism ready to be applied to any tourism VET course (initial and continuous) across EU Member-States;
• a training tool providing trainees with the right set of skills and competences to deal with the special requirements and demands of accessible tourism;
• an increase awareness of future professionals in the tourism area to the fact that providing better and adequate support for people with special needs can raise new opportunities within the tourism sector;
• an increase self-confidence of tourism professionals when dealing with people with special needs;
• a change in the perception and mentality about people with special needs and improvement of tourism services offer.