Project Meetings

The second Transnational Meeting was held in Germany in the 4th and 5th of May.

The host was IHK and all partners were present.

The main aims of the meeting were:

• discuss the initial findings of the analysis already performed;
• present the conclusions of an in-depth analysis performed in partners’ countries based on surveys, interviews and focus groups;
• get inspiration from existing practices on accessible tourism;
• analyse other VET offers in the sector that can be similar to the module that the project aims to develop.

After the analysis the partners prepared and approved the curricula structure with the objectives and contents.

All partners were quite pleased with the work done and they agreed on the next steps to keep the project flowing smoothly.

2nd Transnational Meeting

The first Transnational Meeting was held in Portugal in November the 24th and 25th of 2016.

The host was CEPROF as the coordinator of the project.

The partners presented their institutions and went through the most important points of the project: the objectives, target-groups, intellectual outputs and key results, multiplier events, project management, dissemination and exploitation activities and monitoring and evaluation of the project.

The logo of the project was also approved by the partners and the most critical decisions were made at this meeting to allow the development of the first output according to a timetable agreed by the participants.

It was a very important moment for the beginning of the project, because it allowed the partners to work close together face to face.

1st Transnational Meeting