CEPROF - Centros Escolares de Ensino Profissional Lda.

Address: Rua 27 nº 847, Apt.443 1 4501-868
Location: Espinho, Portugal
Telephone: +351227330430

CEPROF is the owner of Escola Profissional de Espinho, a VET school and it was created in 1990. Its vocation is the promotion of school centres and vocational schools. It aims to contribute to the personal and professional skills of learners, preparing them to the job market. It promotes the approach between schools and enterprises and provides learning opportunities according to the local and national needs. The main focus areas of training are the ones related to the Tourism sector, to support the demands of this Industry in the coastal regions from Aveiro and Porto. The focus in technology is also very strong, especially in Mechatronics and Electronics to support the heavy industry region of Porto-Gaia-Ovar. The students are encouraged to participate in contests to present innovative ideas which enable them to develop creativity and entrepreneurship.
Ovar Forma - Ensino e Formação Lda.

Address: Rua da Escola - Apartado 73 - 3886-908 
Location: Cortegaça, Portugal
Telephone: +351256750930

Ovar Forma is the owner of Escola Profissional de Cortegaça, a VET School. It aims to develop learning, investigation and formation to contribute to the development of the citizens through an adequate preparation to active professional life; promote the approach between schools and enterprises; analyse regional necessities in terms of learning; promote learning opportunities and cooperate with the national and foreign institutions in the development of VET. Progressively, the professional qualification provided by the institution became an important means to face the competitive market which is demanding more qualified human resources. This institution provides the answer to this new need, enabling students to obtain a better qualification more oriented to the world of work.
INOVAMAIS- Serviços de Consultadoria em Inovação Tecnológica S.A.

Address: Centro de Inovação de Matosinhos, Rua Dr. Afonso Cordeiro,567, 4450-309
Location: Porto, Portugal
Telephone: +351229397130

INOVA+ ( is the Portuguese leading company in the promotion and management of international projects on Innovation, Training and Research & Technological Development. Counting with more than 19 years of experience, INOVA+ employs a highly-qualified team of more than 40 consultants based in offices all over Europe: Porto (headquarters), Lisbon, Brussels, Luxembourg and Warsaw. At INOVA+ we want to build the path to 2020 and bring the horizon one step closer. To achieve such goal, our consultants are confident and deliver effective and sustainable solutions in areas such as Education and Training; Management and Innovation; Human resources management; Innovation Systems and Innovation Management; Entrepreneurship; Internationalization; Science, Technology and Communication management; Integration of Information and Communication Technologies. INOVA+ has successfully managed and reported more than 80 EC-funded projects within the 5th, 6th and 7th Framework programmes of the European Commission, CIP, Lifelong Learning Programme, ERDF funds (structural funds in Portugal, Spain and France) and, certainly, Erasmus+.
Lithuanian Association of People with Disabilities

Address: Geliu st. 7, LT – 01137 
Location: Vilnius, Lithuania
Telephone: 852691308

The Lithuanian Association of People with Disabilities (LŽNS) is an independent, non-governmental organization founded in 1995 uniting 19 associated members throughout Lithuania and 4 public service provision institutions. LŽNS unites about 10,000 people with various disabilities and their family members. The Association is a member of the Lithuanian Disability Forum, European Disability Forum and International Disability Forum. The main objectives of Lithuanian Association of People with Disabilities are: to represent and advocate the rights, and interests of people with disabilities; to reduce social exclusion of people with disabilities; to promote social integration of people with disabilities through disability awareness and to cooperate with communities, local and national government, businesses and mass media in addressing disability issues.
CSC Danilo Dolci

Address: Via Roma 94, 90133
Location: Palermo, Italy
Telephone: +390916177252

CSC Danilo Dolci is a non-profit association for young people and adults that works up to its change-making objectives through educational projects in cooperation with schools, universities, institutions, associations and social groups at both local and international level. CSC is founded basing on the social and educational works of Danilo Dolci and his collaborators that started in Eastern Sicily back in 1952. It stemmed from the need of offering the local communities a practical and peaceful solution to the local problems by creating a social space to foster awareness and bottom-up planning, and thus paved the way for a real change. Since the beginning, the center’s main focus has been non-violent education as well as the introduction of a renowned methodology – the Reciprocal Maieutic Approach – to enable creative development at local schools and across the local territory. Today, the Centre continues Danilo Dolci’s legacy in our daily work to promote youth empowerment, creativity, entrepreneurship, innovation in education and social inclusion.
M.E.T.A Foundation

Address: Largo Lo Quarter - I piano, 07041
Location: Alghero (SS), Italy
Telephone: +39079979054

M.E.T.A Foundation is a municipally-owned foundation established in Alghero, located in the north-west side of Sardinia, Italy. The Foundation has been established in 2010 by the Municipality of Alghero. It is an operative “tool” born to operate specifically in the sector of culture and tourism in charge of cultural development, touristic promotion and enhancement of territory of Alghero and its community. It is a point of reference at local level for the economic touristic and cultural system: cultural organization and associations, artists, museums, consortium of hotel managers, tour operators, tourism operators, etc. Its main tasks are: design and management of cultural projects to foster local development; support to artists and local cultural associations; touristic promotion and public events organization; conservation and valorization of cultural heritage; management and coordination of the integrated museum system.

Address: Rue d'Arlon 40, B-1000 
Location: Brussels, Belgium
Telephone: +3227219084

EfVET is a unique European –wide professional association which has been created by and for providers of technical and vocational education and training in all European countries. The vision of EfVET is to develop all the procedures needed so as the Vocational Education and Training become, an active part of the growth in the European Union, and help to bridge the inequalities between the lack of the qualifications that exist, and the demands of the modern economy. The main goals of EfVET are: to develop collaboration, mutual co-operation and sharing of good practice; to give members a platform of influence in European TVET policy; to provide a transnational framework to support all co-operative actions aimed at enhancing and improving technical and vocational education and training. EfVET has a key role in representing its members and contributing to EC policy debate on behalf of the VET sector. EfVET represents 130 member organisations in Vocational Education and Training policy making level.

Address: Don Alonso El Sabio 7, 41004 
Location: Sevilla, Spain
Telephone: +34954213954

Step is an education consultancy based in Seville, focused on European Commission initiatives: Work Placement in Spain and in the EU in the framework of Erasmus + education, training and employment and disadvantaged groups. We have worked with Leonardo Da Vinci’s projects and now with Erasmus + (KA 1 and 2) : mobility projects, hosting and sending Institution, cooperating with local partners and creating an international network to improve the quality of our mobility actions since 2004. Our participation in projects has given us valuable experience in public and private educational Institutions, government authorities and companies in our region. Our aim is to reinforce the professional practices and skills of the participants through the participation in mobility projects providing them a European dimension. In the last 10 years we have received more than 1,000 young people coming from the whole Europe, providing them with professional experiences. We have organized visits to companies of their professional area for experts of diverse areas and countries to improve professional skills.
IHK - Projektgesellschaft

Address: IHK-Bildungszentrum, Puschkinstrasse 12b
Location: Frankfurt (Oder),  Germany
Telephone: 033556212000

IHK-Projektgesellschaft mbH is a service provider for Vocational Education and Training (VET) at regional, national and international level. As a 100% subsidiary company of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry (competent body in VET) we act as a service provider and partner for the Chamber of Industry and their member companies (90% SME) as well as Chamber of Crafts, Ministries and other institutions who are promoting economic development. Furthermore we are initiator, leader and active partner of different strategic VET partnerships at regional and national level. We have completed more than 40 national and international projects in all kinds of different EU-funded programs. Our team consists of 60 highly qualified specialists and we provide services for companies, enterprises, institutions as well as individuals. We apply a quality management system for planning, conception and management of educational programmes, projects and other services and we are an active member in the German ECVET expert’s team.