Intellectual Outputs

TOUR4ALL training framework and curricula structure will aim at validating and fine-tuning the needs of people with disadvantages and special needs concerning tourism activities. The purpose of the TOUR4ALL training framework and curricula structure will be to lay the foundations for the creation of appropriate knowledge, skills and competences to address this gap in VET tourism courses.
The training framework and curricula structure will be the transferable and innovative output to be presented at the end but will be built on top of preliminary findings and reports from where the consortium partners will gather the necessary information for the Intellectual Output result. This includes:
• initial findings of the analysis already performed;
• conclusions of an in-depth analysis performed in partners countries based on surveys, interviews and focus groups;
• inspiration from existing practices on accessible tourism;
• clear knowledge of other VET offers in the sector that can be similar to the module that the project aims to develop.
Thus the final document will consist of the training framework and curricula structure, to be further developed by the activities of Intellectual Output 2, supported by a set of proper references and research findings and illustrated with exploitable good practices.

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TOUR4ALL resource creation and platform development aims at the conception of a set of practical resources for the VET module on Accessible Tourism. All resources will be available in eLearning format and will also offer the possibility to be implemented into traditional VET courses (face to face) and will be made available in English and all partners’ languages.
These resources will endow trainees from tourism VET courses (initial and continuous training courses) with proper knowledge, skills and competences to deal with special requirements and demands of tourists with disabilities and special needs while also better-equipping VET tourism trainers on issues of great relevance for the tourism sector: accessible tourism.
The final output will be an eLearning platform, available online and free-of-charge, containing the developed module and all the complementary resources in Accessible Tourism, as well as guidance materials for trainers enabling the proper utilization of the resources as well as a final publication addressing VET providers of the tourism sector on how to incorporate this module into their current offers and how to further develop it.

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